Power of Social Websites

Today, Social network website is not only a place to chat but also help to find job and offer to develop their career in same field. In other words can say that social media websites has become professional business, just keep few points in mind to visit on your social network website account.
– Don’t use social website account only for cheating
– Do something positive on your timeline, comment, tag and share etc.
– Don’t give negative comment
– Don’t post unsocial photo
– Your comment should be in social language
– Your comment should be according to your profession
– Your comment should be relative to post
– Your timeline should be in regular update
Friends, Mostly people say that their personal and professional life are separate and they do not want to attach both, but on social media website your comment, share, tag, friends list can give chance to other to understand your personal and professional choice, feeling, behave, like and dislike or many more…..!!

Reader, I think you know well that Social media is essential part for marketing success in the current business world. if one company is not seriously to present itself on the big four social networks than company is missing something in marketing strategy.

Big Four Social Networks
– Facebook
– Twitter
– LinkedIn
– Google+

Simply maintaining social media accounts as your business is not sufficient.  Winning social media marketing requires
– Commitment
– Strategy
– Deep Industry Insight
– Genuine Engagement
– Unique Social Content
– Use Great Deal in Advertise
– Highly Shareable Contents
– Industry Related Content

Few facts about social network websites
– Spent on social networking sites has increase in every country.
– Now people like to visit on social network website by their mobile
– Now people like to download mobile social website apps
– Social websites provide nearly double the marketing leads
– Social website provide data for trade shows, telemarketing, direct mail or PPC
– Social lead conversion rates are higher than the average lead conversion rate
– Market experts say that social websites has become more important to companies or brands
– Facebook social website is important to lead generation strategies
– Market survey say that if your company Facebook like page is more than 1,000 and your timeline update regular than your website visits daily 1,400.
– Marketers are founding customers through social websites so far.
– Social website are responsible today to make brand value in front of internet users
– B2B business is more comfortable to promote their business deals by social network website
– Consumers who complain about products on Facebook or Twitter expect a response within an hour.
– Women are more likely than men to regularly check out a brand’s social page.

Smart social strategy, dedication and the right knowledge and tools can save your company from getting left behind. Social influence and business success are within your reach. Go social now.

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