Shahrukh Khan becomes first Indian verified celebrity on Google+

Google started kicking profiles with fakes names off of its social network and started verifying public figures. Celebrities like Ashton Kutcher, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton all have verified profiles on the social network. Now, Shahrukh Khan has joined the ranks of these celebrities and has become the first Indian celebrity to be verified on Google+. What this also means, is that since Shahrukh Khan’s verification, Google+ has actively removed the vast number of fake Shahrukh Khan profiles listed on the social network.

This verification system helps make sure that fans ‘like’ the correct versions of their favourite celebrities online. Shahrukh Khan gets many search queries on Google and what’s interesting, is that a vast number of queries for Shahrukh Khan on Google come from countries outside India like Germany, Finland, Malaysia and some Middle Eastern countries. The actor seems pretty active on the social networks And now you can add him on Google+ and breathe easy that it is actually him and not an imposter.


King Khan has agreed to promote its new social networking site, Google Plus along with his upcoming film RA.One. As part of the tie-up, Shahrukh has joined Google Plus and participate in a live chat on the site, using the Hangouts feature. On its part, Google will promote RA.One through not only Google Plus but also through YouTube – with behind the scenes videos, streaming of the premiere and other events across the globe, and various contests.

In fact, a first-of-its-kind video about RA.One is already up on YouTube. Shahrukh is reportedly very excited about getting a chance to create a platform where his fans from all over the world can engage with his film. But whether Shahrukh’s charisma is enough to convince even a part of his mega fan following into becoming Google Plus users – so that the Internet giant can defeat Facebook – remains to be seen.

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