Social Media Marketing – 10 Laws Of Effectiveness

Social media marketing, also known by abbreviation SMM, has gained great popularity in the past decade. Since most people all over the world can access the Internet today, Social Media Marketing with can leverage your marketing content to generate a high traffic and customer base from this platform. However, there are ten rules which will ensure that one succeeds in such efforts. They are listed below.

social media marketing

Take time to focus

Focusing on a specific SMM marketing strategy puts you in a better position to make a high impact, generate more traffic and create a brand name fast. People tend to associate a company with one thing they are persistent on.

Be a keen listener

As a rule of thumb; listen more than you talk. It is crucial for a business to pass information to the target market only after taking some time to learn what they love and appreciate. By heeding this rule, one can deliver what the market really needs.

Provide quality

It is crucial to provide high-quality content which will glue the potential market to your profiles. In fact, it is better to have a few followers who appreciate your posts than many who are dormant.

Be patient

As the common saying goes, ‘Rome was not built in one day,’ so are your SMM efforts. Making a great impact on these platforms will grow gradually. Thus one must be patient and never give up.

Target to influence

Social media has a great influence, particularly if you work hard to provide quality and moving content. If you could get people with influence, they will help you network your product to others with ease. To begin with, Influencers must have very active profiles.

The power of compounding

Just like building a strong interlinking network where each supports the other, compounding includes using your followers to share your content with their followers. Within no time, your product information will spread like fire. Additionally, it will help open up new channels and untapped markets for one to penetrate.

Add value

Yes, you heard me! You need to give people something better than what you have given them in the past. In fact, this should be an easy task if you stopped focusing more on the conversations and give time to creating valuable content. People like new products and information every other day to keep glued to your product.

Learn to acknowledge

It is ethical to appreciate and acknowledge other people. For instance, if one comes to you, you will give them attention. Similarly, recognize and acknowledge those people who seek you online. They may have a point that can help you, or at least may become a client in the future.

Be accessible

After posting information, it is a good habit to be available if people need your response on a query, more information, or clarification. Do not publish and assume that they will be contented and then disappear. Be there for them.

Learn to reciprocate

This is as simple as ‘doing unto others what they do to you.’ Learn to like your follower’s posts, comment where necessary and even follow them. They will feel like part of your in-crowd and will cherish the relationship you have.

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