Upcoming “Murder 2” Movie Review

Murder 2 is an upcoming Hindi Movie directed by Mohit Suriproduced by Mukesh Bhatt starring Emraan Hashmi, JacquelineFernandez, Prashant Narayanan, Sudhanshu Pandey, Sandeep Sikand. This Movie is the sequel to the 2004 film Murder. The film has been given an ‘A’ certificate from the Indian Censor Board.

Murder 2 has been inspired by legendary stories of such serial killers and other dark characters like psychopaths. The film was shot in Mumbai and Goa.

It is rumoured to be inspired by films like Saw and Hostel. Some of these stories have been myths while others are facts but Bhatts and director Mohit Suri have tried to incorporate those elements which are the most intriguing.

Earlier, Bipasha Basu was offered the part of the leading lady, but she refused. The part then went to Jacqueline Fernandez. Bipasha Basu was also offered the part of the item number titled “Aa Zara”, but also refused, and hence the song was given to Yana Gupta.


Release Date: July 8, 2011

Genre: Thriller

Language: Hindi

Star-Cast: Emraan Hashmi, Jacqueline Fernandez, Yana Gupta, Prashant Narayanan, Sudhanshu Pandey, Sandeep Sikand, Shweta Kawatra

Director: Mohit Suri

Producer: Mukesh Bhatt

Music Director: Harshit Saxena, Sangeet Haldipur, Siddharth Haldipur, Mithoon

Cinematography: Ravi Walia

Choreography: Raju Khan

Editor: Devendra Murdeshwar

Screenplay: Shagufta Rafique

Sound: Kunal Mehta, Parikshit Lalwani

Dialogue: Shagufta Rafique


No.     Title                          Music                                                                                   Singer(s)

1. “Hale Dil”                         Harshit Saxena                                                                    Harshit Saxena

2.  “Aa Zara”                        Sangeet Haldipur, Siddharth Haldipur                     Sunidhi Chauhan

3.  “Aye Khuda”                 Mithoon                                                                                 Kshitij Tarey, Saim, Mithoon

4.  “Phir Mohabbat”         Mithoon                                                                                  Mohd Irfan, Arijit, Saim

5.  “Tujhko Bhulaana”     Sangeet Haldipur, Siddharth Haldipur                      Sangeet Haldipur, Roshni Baptist




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